A course to go around with a local tour guide, would you like to go to a good place in Kaiyo Town!

Why don't you walk around Kaiyo-cho with a local volunteer guide! ! Kaiyo Town is blessed with the nature of the sea, rivers, and mountains. The wonderful scenery of nature in Kaiyo-cho will heal our hearts. Local volunteer guides will guide you carefully, so please feel free to join us.

*Minimum number of participants: 2
*Please apply at least 7 days in advance
*Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays available (Please contact us if you wish to work on weekdays)
*Tour may be cancelled due to weather conditions

Spot Information

NPO Attakaiyou
32 Teinosoto Okuura Kaiyo Town, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture
Telephone number

 Recommended course guide

Kainan Area “Ozato Matsubara Tour
A course that takes a walk along the coastline of Ozatomatsubara

Meet at Awa-Kainan Station → Awa-Kainan Cultural Village → Tai Chi at Osato Matsubara Beach → hackberry root → break up at Kainan Station

Kaifu Area “Haha River Tour”
A course that walks along the Haha river line of the Ounagi legend

Meet at Kaifu Station → Haha River Seriwariiwa Rock → Namikiri Fudoson→ Jomanji Temple → break up at Kaifu Station

Shishikui Area Suzugamine Tour
Natural Monument Yakkoso area Suzugamine summit course (October to March)

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Kawakami Area ” Todoroki waterfall tour
A course that go around Todoroki shrine and Todoroki-kujyuku waterfall

Meet at Awa-Kainan Station → Todorokiguchi → Todoroki waterfall → Light trekking to Nabewari Falls → Lunch → Todoroki Hon waterfall & Todoroki Shrine visit → break up at Awa-Kainan Station

 Takegashima Area “Takegashima tour”
Takegashima Stroll and Fossil Ripple Observation Course

Meet at Shishikui Station → Traces of fossil ripples → Marine Jam → Takegashima Shrine → break up from Shishikui Station