Goals and Activities

We, based in our close partnership with the town of Kaiyo and surrounding areas, work to promote sightseeing/tourism ventures, encourage local revitalization, facilitate domestic and foreign tourism, and contribute to the development of both the local economy and culture.

About Our Work

  1. Planning and Promotion of Tourism Ventures
  2. Research, Development, and Preservation of Tourism Resources
  3. Attractive Tourism Advertising and Reception of Tourists
  4. Development, Promotion, and Recommendation of Local Specialty Goods
  5. Publication of Printed Tourism Materials
  6. Support of Local Tourism Associations’ Ventures
  7. Liaison and Coordination with Local Government and Tourism Associations
  8. All Other Work Vital to Achieving Kaiyo Kankou Tourism Association Goals

Employment Opportunities

The Kaiyo Tourism Association is always looking for new team members who are dedicated to furthering these goals, enlivening the town, and promoting Kaiyo to the public. Please contact us for detailed information.