Katsuura Watership

The area around the islands floating in Mitoko Bay is a great spot for surf fishing and sea fishing.

This place is known to those in the know. There is no end to the desire to visit from the Keihanshin and Tokushima areas. You can catch fish species such as Largescale black fish, Mottled spinefoot, Thread-sail filefish, and Chicken grunt, and bottomfish such as Japanese parrotfish, Striped beakperch, and Longtooth grouper. The main fishing spots are Mizutoko Bay, Takegashima, and Nadaiso.

Spot Information

83-1 Kome Shishikuiura Kaiyo Town, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture
Telephone number
From Tokushima IC, via National Route 11 (towards Tokushima City) and take National Route 55 toward Muroto for about 2 hours 10 minutes
Regular holiday
March/4th Saturday
7/17・8/10・8/15 September/4th Sunday
  • Toshihiko-maru

price explanation and introduction of time


Rock fishing guide Maeiso 3,500 yen
Nasa Peninsula / Inanka direction 4,000 yen
Boat fishing guide Kakari fishing / 1 person (with 2 baits) From 20,000 yen
Kisugo fishing / Up to 3 people: From 20,000 yen
Lure boat guide Shishikui offshore 55,000 yen
Muroto offshore : 70,000 yen
Isagi boat guide person on board / 12,000 yen per person
For 2 people / 7,000 yen per person
Shishikui offshore lure boat ・Squid boat guide lure ship squid boat
30,000 yen for up to 4 people 20,000 yen for up to 4