Ikumoto ryokan

The inn is a safe place for women traveling alone to stay.

The inn has a reputation for its detailed service as it aims to be a ryokan that "leaves a lasting impression," and "allows women traveling alone to stay with peace of mind.

Spot Information

171-1 Okuuracyounai Kaiyo Town, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture
Telephone number
From Tokushima IC, take National Route 11 → National Route 55 toward Muroto for about 2 hours.
Fee (price including tax)
1 night with 2 meals: 7,700 yen / 4,400 yen without meals
Guest room
9 rooms
28 people
With a reservation, you can also use it only for meals. (There are 2 banquet rooms)
  • banquet hall

  • guest room