Bucho (foldable wooden rain shutter door) was built under the eaves of houses around Atago Castle in Shishikui.

In castle towns centering on Atago Castle in Shishikui, Shishikuiura Honmachi, Kajiyamachi, Nagayamachi, and other towns, folk houses have traditionally built Buccho-zukuri under the eaves of most of the houses and used them to close the doors instead of the shutters at the front door. At the same time, the porch was widened during the daytime, and was widely used by merchants to display products, and by ordinary private houses as an extension of the living room.

This simple construction method is no longer seen in the construction of new houses, and remains only in small numbers in old houses built before the early Showa period.

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Shishikuiura Kaiyo Town, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture
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0884-76-3050 (Kaiyo Town Tourism Association)
5-10 minutes walk from Asa Kaigan Railway Shishikui Station