Popular Seasoning “Horinishi” with Limited Edition Kaiyo Town Label – Now on Sale


What is “Outdoor Spice Horinishi”?

The popular seasoning “Outdoor Spice Horinishi”’s limited-edition Kaiyo Town label is now on sale.

The secret of this spice’s popularity is its convenience and versatility – spice up your meals using just one bottle!

Horinishi is an all-purpose seasoning that goes well not just with meat dishes when camping or having a barbeque, but also tastes great on fish and vegetables.

What is “Local Horinishi”?

“Outdoor Spice Horinishi” is a popular seasoning with over 5.2 million units shipped.

One district in each of Japan’s 47 prefectures has a label design that symbolizes the region.

You can only purchase these region-limited labels by visiting each location!

Where to Buy

Suginoko Market


Maze no Oka Auto Campsite

(¥840 with tax)