Now on Sale! 3 Kinds of Popular “Horinishi” Spice and Branded Apron


“Horinishi Hot,” “Horinishi Premium,” “Horinishi Black,” and a Horinishi-branded apron are now available for purchase in Kaiyo.

What are “Horinishi Hot,” “Horinishi Premium,” and “Horinishi Black?”

Horinishi Hot

This version of the Horinishi spice blend adds a delicious savory spiciness to its typical base of 23 spices. A great choice for camping, barbequing, or even just home cooking, this blend is a convenient way to spice up any meal!

Horinishi Premium

This product combines Outdoor Spice Horinishi with one of the three great delicacies of the world – white truffle – in a premium blend that enhances both the truffle and salty flavors.  Highly precious and only harvestable in winter, the aromatic white truffle, paired with salt, lends a luxurious air and flavor to any meal with just one dash!


Horinishi Black

This blend combines the umami flavor of mushrooms like shiitake with the 23 spices of Horinishi. The natural, smoky flavor of smoked rock salt is mixed with squid ink extract and black soybean powder to create this rich, black-hued product. This all-mighty, flexible spice can be used any way you like – sprinkled on top of or mixed in with everything from meat to fish to vegetables.


Horinishi-Branded Apron

An apron designed in the traditional Japanese style.

Sturdily woven to cover and protect you from all stains and messes!

Branded with the Outdoor Spice Horinishi logo and dyed a traditional deep blue color, this apron will “spice” up your kitchen wardrobe!


Length: approx. 76 cm

Width: approx. 46 cm

Waist Tie (max. length): approx. 246 cm

※Measurements may differ slightly as they were taken on a flat surface. We appreciate your understanding.



75% Cotton 25% Rayon Canvas


Horinishi Hot                    ¥950      (tax incl.)

Horinishi Premium            ¥1,590     (tax incl.)

Horinishi Black                   ¥990      (tax incl.)


Horinishi-Branded Apron    ¥3,980     (tax incl.)


Where to Buy

Suginoko Market

Inside Shishikui Hot Spring, Michi no Eki Roadside Station

Itatori-219-6, Kubo, Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima Prefecture

Maze no Oka Auto Campground

(※ Horinishi Premium and Horinishi-Branded Apron Only)

Nishifukura-43 Asakawa, Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima Prefecture