Kaiyo Town’s Official Character Fururun Plush Charm Now on Sale!


Kaiyo Town’s official character is now available as a plush charm with a phone strap

The charm is 10 centimeters and has a strap attached to its head, so you can easily attach it to your smartphone, bag, etc.


Fururun’s name is written on its stomach, too.

Fururun’s special skills are swinging its big belly, cheering, and dancing Awa Odori!!

The paper tag is a two-page spread that includes Fururun’s illustration and a written profile.

What is Fururun?

Fururun is the official character of Kaiyo Town in Tokushima Prefecture.

A fairy of the clear Kaifu River that flows through Kaifu Town, it is an eternally curious 5-year-old whose hobby is dancing Awa Odori

Fururun’s head is charmingly shaped like a mountain with a river running around it💕

Fururun was born in Kaiyo Town, famous for having the world’s first DMV (Dual Mode Vehicle), on February 22, 2009 as the Kaifu River Full Marathon’s mascot.

How to Purchase the Fururun Plush Charm


Currently, this plush strap is only available at the Tourist Information Center inside the Shishikui Onsen Michi no Eki Road Station, on sale for a limited time at the Kaiyo Town Tourism Association counter. However, we plan to sell them at events nationwide starting next year!


9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

1:00 PM – 5:30 PM


1000 yen (tax included)


219-6 Itadori, Kubo, Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima Prefecture

Tourist Information Center (located inside the Shishikui Onsen Michi no Eki Road Station)

TEL 0884-76-3050


Also available as a thank-you gift for supporting Kaiyo through the GCF Furusato Nozei Project! For more details, please click here.