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Ozato Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival & Recruiting Woman Danjiri. Oct.

The day before the festival, 1,300 fireworks will decorate the night sky on the banks of the Kaifu River.

7 brave sekibune and danjiri that run through with sand smoke. The sound of gongs and drums is a traditional autumn festival that will lift your heart. On the eve of the festival, a fireworks display is held on the banks of the Kaifu River. The season of Onna Danjiri is approaching again this year. We are looking forward to your participation again this year. 

Event schedule

Date and time
October 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun), 2023
Matsubara Ozato Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima ken
Around Ozato Hachiman Shrine


October 14th (Sat) Dedicated fireworks
October 15th (Sun) Ozato Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival
6Sekibune and Danjiri enter the shrine
(Sekibune and Danjiri from each district line up around the torii of the shrine) *Lunch after entering the shrine

Togyosai (The Mikoshi will make a round trip to the shrine 100 meters away.)
Sekibune and Danjiri Hamairi
(6 sekibune and danjiri boats run along the approach.)

Festivals in 2022 will be canceled, but only the dedication fireworks will be held from 7:00 PM on Saturday, October 15th. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please take measures to prevent infection, such as avoiding the three Cs.

Recruitment women Danjiri [Recruiting leaflets for 2021 ; we are no longer recruiting for 2022 due to cancellation]

Eligibility Men and women who are confident in their physical strength.。
Children under 18 years old must have a parent’s consent. Elementary school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Approx. 40 persons
Entry fee 2,000 yen (accident insurance, lunch fee , etc.) Elementary, junior high, and high school students: 1,000 yen
Application method Please fill out and sign the application form and pledge, and send it to Okonomiyaki “Carrot” together with the participation fee.
The deadline
Contact information Okonomiyaki Carrot  TEL0884-73-0604

Event information

Matsubara Ozato Kaiyo Town, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture
Telephone number
0884-76-3050 (Kaiyo Town Tourism Association)
From Tokushima IC, via National Route 11 (towards Tokushima City) and take National Route 55 toward Muroto for about 2 hours