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Minatobashira Shrine Dedication Akachan-dohyo-iri. Oct.

A cute baby wears a mawashi and enters the sumo ring.

In Tomoura, Kaiyo Town, Tokushima Prefecture, surrounded by beautiful nature, a traditional festival at the Minatobashira Shrine is held the day before the Ozato Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival. A sumo ring is made in the center of Yamashita Square, and baby boys born during the past year enter the ring. On their waists, they wear bright colored Yokozuna•sumo wrestler ornamental apron with a brave tiger or hawk, embroidered with their own name, and tie a red and white Dandara Hachimaki tightly around their heads, and they becomes a cute little bean sumo wrestler. Many of the babies cannot walk yet, so it's a proud moment in the arms of a gyoji(a sumo referee). The gyoji holds them high as they step into the ring and announce their victories, praying that they will grow up to be big, strong, and tough like sumo wrestlers.

Event schedule

Date and Time
This year, it is only available for rental.
9:00 a.m. - Baby's Sumo ring entry
Venue: Tomoura Zange Square
(In case of rain: Former Kaifu Junior High School Gymnasium)


8:10 a.m. -
Start accepting
9:00 a.m. -
Shinto ritual Babies entering the sumo ring ・ dedication Sumo wrestling by nursery school children

*After the entering the sumo ring and sumo wrestling are over, we will throw rice cakes.
Target child application period
Boys born between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023
Application period (9/6~9/20) (Capacity of 50)
To apply, please visit the Tomoura Fishing Cooperative (TEL 0884-73-0011) and fill out an application form. Please bring your ID card with you.
Entry fee
10,000 yen (firstfruits fee, photo, amulet, etc.)
Tomoura Fisheries Cooperative TEL0884-73-0011 / FAX 0884-73-0583
Fishery cooperative reception hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (closed on Saturdays)
One application per person will be accepted.

Event information

Tomoura Kaiyo Town, Kaifu District, Tokushima Prefecture
Telephone number
0884-76-3050 (Kaiyo Town Tourism Association)
From Tokushima IC, via National Route 11 (towards Tokushima City) and take National Route 55 toward Muroto for about 2 hours 10 minutes
Public transportation / 15-minute by walk from Asa Coast Railway Kaifu Station